a few words to start

Victor Moody

My writes are coming from a pure passion for the world and love. I love to love. We live in times when love, humanity and freedom lost their true graceful meanings, but it doesn’t mean we can’t remind to ourselves.

Trapped between a future I want and a past made from shadows,
I’ve got lost often between lines and papers
Alcohol and smoke, living like a lunatic
Lost in the pleasures of life,
Among women and drugs
Through never spoken truths and a pleasure dragging me in
I was there and now I’m here,
Where I’ll be tomorrow?
Later I’ll be again, a little more wiser
Should I start over?
No way.
For how many times should I lose myself?
All I know about the answer is the same for
How many times should I find myself?
Gone as if I am in another world
I walk among you, I can see you all
But I can’t feel you,
Only the whispering stars.